~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

On June 10 th 2000, my 26 year old daughter Wendy and 6 year old granddaughter Kimberly were off to a birthday party. They asked me to go with them and I told them thanks but no thanks. We kissed and hugged each other and we told each other' “I love you” and off they went. Later that evening I received a phone call from Wendy's friend and she asked to speak to Wendy. I informed her that she was not home yet. She told me to quit kidding her and that they left her house over an hour ago. I told her I was not joking around and went looking for them. I came upon a crash. It was Wendy and Kimberly. A three time repeat offender in a dodge ram truck ran a stop sign at 96 miles per hour T- boning Wendy's car. Wendy was the point of impact. She died within seconds. Kimberly, though wearing a seat belt was thrown from the car during one of the many times it rolled. She lay in a pile of rocks struggling to breathe for two minutes before she too died……

There is more to this story dealing with the aftermath, funeral, court, the murderer and how much the lives of family and friends have changed because of it. If your organization would like me to speak on the consequence of drinking and driving feel free to contact me. 760-985-9186 or e-mail me at sherry@wendyandkimberly.com



About Sherry

Sherry's powerful
story has made
a tremendous impact
on the lives of teens,
DUI offenders, police officers and  military personel in Southern California. She speaks
at schools, businesses,
community programs, court impact panels,
youth groups and
anywhere that will
help prevent the senseless death caused by someone under the influence  of drugs or
alcohol. She is one special lady who is
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of others.
It's all about choices and safety for families.